How Do Probation Violations Work in Texas?

In Texas, thousands of individuals are on Community Supervision ("probation"). Texans placed on probation have the opportunity to return to the community while being held accountable to certain terms and conditions of their probation, decided by the courts and county probation departments. Judges impose terms and conditions of probation on a case-by-case basis, so no two cases are exactly alike. As soon as you become aware of your probation, knowing what to do if you are accused of violating the terms is extremely important.

Once you have been placed on probation, you need to talk to your Dallas criminal defense attorney to discuss your rights and responsibilities. It’s important that you understand what’s required of you so you can avoid violating the terms and then facing penalties as a result.

The Two Probation Types

There are two kinds of probation in Texas: regular probation and deferred adjudication. The kind of probation originally imposed depends on many factors. For example, certain types of cases are only eligible for regular probation, some are eligible for only deferred adjudication, and still others are eligible for both types.

Some cases are not eligible for any probation at all. A regular probation sentence results in a conviction the day the individual is placed on probation. A deferred adjudication sentence does not result in a conviction unless the individual violates the terms and conditions of community supervision, and the court convicts the individual due to the violations.


Our Probation Violation Services

Violations of probation can result in serious consequences. In deferred adjudication cases, a violation could result in a final conviction. In some cases, a violation could lead to days in jail, a prison sentence, drug treatment, or other consequences. The actual consequences cannot be determined without looking at the facts and circumstances of the individual case.

If you believe that you may have violated the terms of your probation, you need to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible and notify your probation officer. Failing to report a violation of your probation could lead to further issues if it’s discovered in the end. While your first step should always be to avoid violating probation in the first place, if this is not possible you need help from a dedicated criminal defense lawyer.

An attorney can help represent you if you have been accused of violating an existing order. The only way to protect yourself is to take action quickly. There’s a lot on the line for anyone who has been accused of breaking probation terms, so you need to take your case seriously and find a lawyer you can trust. At Harris & Harris, it’s our goal to help you as soon as possible with personalized attention.