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In Texas, weapons charges include the illegal possession of a weapon, discharging a gun improperly, the use of a weapon while committing a crime, or even selling a weapon or granting a child access to an unsecured gun. Texas often punishes these criminal offenses harshly, which can damage your criminal record. If you stand accused of a weapon offense in the state of Texas, Dallas-based criminal attorneys Keith and Kevin Harris can provide a strong legal defense. Using their years of experience, they will fight to protect you from fines and prison time.

Weapon Offenses and Penalties

According to Texas law, weapons such as brass knuckles, switchblades, machine guns, explosive weapons, and rifles or shotguns altered so the weapon is less than 26 inches long are illegal to carry outright. Possession of brass knuckles and switchblades results in a class A misdemeanor, but the others are third degree felonies, which result in two to ten years in prison.

Charged With Illegally Carrying A Weapon?

Texas allows individuals to carry many weapons, such as clubs, firearms, swords and other illegal knives while at home and to a car to transport the weapon. Illegally carrying one of these weapons amounts to a class A misdemeanor unless the crime occurs in locations such as a school, court, or business that sells alcohol, in which case the crime becomes a third degree felony. An individual with a license to carry a concealed handgun can avoid many illegal possession charges, but the law does not allow these individuals to openly carry handguns or bring them to locations such as churches, hospitals, sporting events, or amusement parks.

Protect Your Criminal Record

In addition, using such a weapon can be a serious crime. Discharging a gun in a public location is a class A misdemeanor if the user fires the weapon inside a town with a population of more than 100,000 people. Using a weapon, whether you fire it or not, while committing a violent crime may increase charges to aggravated status, which is a first degree felony.

Giving or selling a firearm to an individual who is not permitted to own a gun is a class A misdemeanor. This includes intoxicated persons and children who do not have parental consent. Simply leaving a loaded firearm within a child’s reach is a crime.

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorneys For Weapon Offenses

Numerous weapon-related crimes exist, and even if you are accused of a misdemeanor weapon offense, the long-term damage can still be significant. Weapon offenses may be harshly looked upon by anyone who views your criminal record. Do not let criminal charges haunt you. Contact our criminal defense law firm in Dallas today. The Harris brothers can aggressively defend you from criminal conviction.


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