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Excellence and Honesty at its Greatest!

Looking for a lawyer may be hard, and being this was my first time ever looking for a good lawyer in the DFW metroplex area, finding Keith Harris and actually meeting him in person, I instantly felt so welcomed and cared about. He is a very humble and honest guy. He worked hard on my situation and I loved every aspect of his work ethics. He keeps you posted of information, and is a loving, caring guy that shows true care in your situation. Not only is he your lawyer, but he can become a great friend. For anyone going thru a tough time and needing not a good but EXCELLENT lawyer, I definitely recommend Keith Harris! Thank you Keith!


Trustworthy, Caring, Reliable Attorney

Keith was very informative and caring from the very beginning. He went to bat for me from the start and he did everything possible to have my case dismissed. He successfully negotiated a deal for me with the state prosecutor and got my case completely dismissed. He proved to be an outstanding defense attorney and trustworthy counselor throughout this entire process. He was always responsive and always willing to chat to ease my mind during this stressful patch. If I ever need an attorney again for myself, family or friend, he will be the first person I call.


Top Notch!

Kevin is an outstanding lawyer. He takes the time out to really understand your case and finds the best course of action to take. He is very patient, hard working, and will do everything in his power to help. 5 stars to him!! Thanks Kevin.


Definition of a Life Saver!

I found myself in a very unfortunate situation with an estranged ex; Keith worked around the clock to prove my innocence in what would’ve been over a decade of prison time. If it wasn’t for Mr. Harris I would have had lost more than just my freedom, he made sure to represent me to the fullest & keep me up to date with any/all information regarding the case. I call Keith regularly to thank him for his work, after consultations with 3 different attorneys I am very happy with choosing Keith Harris. I chose Mr Harris because of his humbleness, intelligence & prior work as a prosecutor. This guy knows the judicial systems tactics & methods and will fight around the clock to help better your situation.


Harris & Harris are miracle workers

I was referred to Kevin Harris from another well known attorney. I was told that Kevin is your guy. From just our first meeting I could tell that I was in good hands. He was very professional, caring and knowledgeable of the situation (felony probation, violation, new charges). Big time stuff. Hiring Harris & Harris Law Group changed my life. Kevin Harris was a miracle worker for me and my family. If you need an attorney you owe it to yourself to stop in and talk to him Let him make miracles happen for you. I can’t thank Harris & Harris Law Group enough for what you have done for me and for everything you do.


Heart for Helping!

Kevin is a very honest man, he went over and beyond to help me and my fiancĂ©! He was very informative and helpful, he didn’t treat us like he only cared about money. I’m so thankful for him and his brother!


Best lawyer in Dallas

Kevin Harris and Keith Harris came highly recommended to me for a serious felony issue. From day one they both treated me with the care and respect you would imagine they would for a family member. Both gentlemen met with me on short notice on a Sunday night and proceeded to represent me from then on. During the following months, I always had their undivided attention and immediate access to them during anytime of need. Having representation from the Harris and Harris law firm is truly like hiring one lawyer but having double the expertise and attention. They cared about me as a person and not just a case number. I fully trusted and had confidence in them through out the ordeal and they did not let me down. The case was no billed. I would never want to ever need a lawyer again for me or any loved ones, but if there was ever a need for lawyers I would always turn to or recommend the Harris and Harris law firm.


Very Grateful to Kevin Harris!

I was charged with a dwi in Feb 2014. I hired a different well known attorney who had represented me on a previous dwi 10 years before. After a year and several court postponements I was getting frustrated with his results. I had been on interlock for over a year and already knew I was facing punishment but it didn’t seem to be moving forward.

During this time a friend called and told me how pleased he was with Kevin’s results defending his dwi. So after going to court and my case being postponed again I called Kevin and asked for a consultation. He was very friendly and easy to talk to. He was completely honest with me that his outcome may be no different than my other attorney but he promised to get it moving forward and work hard on my behalf. I hired him immediately.

Kevin’s approach was to be proactive. He soon had an offer for me from the court. With that he developed a game plan that would prove to be looked upon favorably by the judge. For example, Kevin had me start on my probation conditions before going to court. Having a lot of this completed helped reduce the status of my probation and I was able to quit using interlock a lot sooner than expected.

I was skeptical about changing my attorney but am very pleased with the outcome. I only wish I would have known of Kevin and hired him from the start. His fee was more than fair. I appreciated his commitment to getting me the best results possible.


Amazing Lawyer!!

Kevin is an amazing, talented and very smart lawyer. He did an A+++ on my cases and I’m 100% happy with the work he has done for me. I would hire him over and over again!! Look no further he is your guy.


Wonderful Representation

Keith was such a blessing to us. He reassured us and kept us informed throughout the process. He is very knowledgable and very compassionate. His updates and overall communication were excellent and made the process bearable. His working knowledge of the Dallas DA office and the local judges was very helpful and comforting. I hope we never need Keith again, but if we ever do he will be the only lawyer we call.


Professional and Compassionate Representation

I was way over my head in legal trouble (two felonies and a misdemeanor). Attorney Harris fought tooth and nail for me throughout the long arduous process, ultimately getting all charges dismissed. He was always assessable, only a phone call away, which I found very reassuring during this very trying time in my life. He is well-respected in the legal community and he conducts himself as a professional at all times. He is conscientious, kind, and compassionate. I highly recommend the services of the Harris and Harris Law Group.


Righteous Works

If you are facing hard times and handling legal issues stemming from a decision you or a loved one made is a time when you need honest help from a lawyer that will work for you and not play both sides for money. I was facing that problem with three felonies and caught three more cases on top of the felonies, shame on me. I was facing ten years in prison. Keith worked with me from the beginning to keep me informed on the case, unlike other lawyers who tell you only what they want you to know and not what you need to know. I ended up getting deferred adjudication, THANK GOD, and Keith, what a blessing. My experience with Keith and his brother allowed me to have faith in him through out all my court dates and justifies Keith is a righteous lawyer who will stand for you. I wouldn’t be here this day to make a review for him if it wasn’t for him, there are not enough characters in this review or enough thanks to tell how grateful I am to have found him. I’m 23 and instead of 10 years for a drug case, I got deferred adjudication. If I complete probation, it comes off my record. I didn’t know really were to start or finish, but if you are looking to hire or retain an excellent righteous lawyer who plays no games in the court room who will give good legal advice plus encouragement to keep your head up during your time of legal help for yourself or a loved one, Keith is the right lawyer for the job.


Excellent Attorney

My case was a theft charge. I told Mr Harris the truth from the beginning and he listened to every word I said. I did not feel judged nor had any apprehension to not tell him the truth. He did everything possible and I trust him and his experience.

Mr. Keith Harris never gave up on my case. Whenever we met in the hall, no one could hear our conversation. He is very discreet and professional.

I am indebted to him for restoring my life. I know God worked through him to get my case “DISMISSED!” I am so grateful Mr. Harris went through this with me. I will always recommend him to everyone that needs an attorney. Be smart and hire Mr. Harris you won’t regret it.

To God Be The Glory


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