Early Release of Probation Attorneys in Dallas, Texas

Did you know that the law gives the Judge the authority to terminate probation early when an individual has met certain qualifications?

How Soon Can I get Off Probation?

The Judge may consider to terminate probation early when an individual has completed 1/3 of their probation or 2 years, whichever is less. The judge is not required to review until 1/2 of their probation is completed or 2 years, whichever is more. An individual does not have a right to an early release of probation, but the Judge has the authority to consider, barring certain disqualifying crimes.

How Can I Qualify for Early Release of Probation?

  1. Can’t be delinquent in payment of restitution, fines, court cost and fees.
  2. Successfully complete all court ordered treatment and counseling
  3. Successfully complete all conditions of probation
  4. Must not have been convicted of a disqualifying crime

What Factors Does a Judge Consider, when Determining Whether to Grant Early Release from Probation?

The Judge can consider several factors, when deciding whether to grant an early release from probation. Among those factors are the following,

  1. The charged crime
  2. The person’s criminal history
  3. The probation officer’s opinion of how the individual did on probation
  4. The person’s history on probation (have they had many issues following probation conditions or not)
  5. The prosecutor’s opinion
  6. The burden that a continued probation would have on the individual’s job or living situation.

Be sure to hire an attorney that can walk you through requesting consideration of Early Release of your probation (Termination of Probation).