Even being accused of domestic violence or assault is a serious matter. It’s one that is often emotionally charged, but you have to ensure that you have someone representing your interests during this time as well. A dedicated Texas criminal defense lawyer from Harris & Harris can step in to help you with domestic violence allegations as soon as possible so that you can reduce or eliminate the fear and stress of a possible conviction. Your choice of lawyer makes a big difference, so make sure you retain someone who has the experience and commitment to follow through.

Allegations of DV in Texas

Allegations of domestic violence can be among the most challenging cases and the most disruptive to an individual’s life and future rights. A charge of family violence can result in a protective order, preventing the accused from even returning home. It can impact family court proceedings such as divorce, child custody, and visitation. It can even affect an individual’s ability to possess or own a gun.

A finding of family violence by a court could result in increased punishment for the current or future cases. A conviction or even a deferred adjudication probation involving a finding of family violence cannot ever be cleared from someone’s record. For allegations this serious, contact us today to discuss your rights and your future.

Defining Family Violence

Family violence allegations are often the most disputed of criminal charges. There are two sides to every story, but nowhere is that more evident than in family violence cases. The terms “domestic violence” and “family violence” mean that the criminal charges involve people who:

  • are married;

  • used to be married but are now separated or divorced;

  • have or used to have a dating relationship;

  • live in the same household;

  • used to live in the same household;

Many different criminal offenses can include an allegation of family violence. Some examples include:

  • Class C misdemeanor assault (ticket)

  • Class A misdemeanor assault

  • Felony assault enhanced

  • Felony assault impeding the ability to breathe

  • Stalking

  • Kidnapping and Aggravated Kidnapping

  • Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon

  • Aggravated Assault causing Serious Bodily Injury

  • Murder

  • Capital Murder


Other Criminal Charges in DV Cases

There are other possible charges related to domestic violence that might not directly allege family violence but commonly accompany those that do. Examples include Interference with an Emergency Telephone Call and Violation of a Protective Order.

The range and type of punishment for a family violence offense depend on many factors, including whether the charge is a felony or a misdemeanor and whether someone has a criminal history.

Some cases may be eligible for probation. If someone is placed on probation for an offense involving domestic violence, the conditions of probation imposed on an individual can be challenging and costly. For example, a court may impose a no-contact order preventing contact with a spouse and/or children, order the completion of a lengthy and expensive batterers’ intervention counseling program, and more.

In addition to the criminal consequences, the effects of a sentence imposed for a domestic violence charge can have other wide-ranging implications, affecting immigration, professional licensing, school admission, employment and more.